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Concerned Folks

Last summer 3 Metis activist elders from the West Kootenay were asked by concerned folks from Revelstoke/East Kootenay to come help protect very important rare “Inland Temperate Rainforest Red Cedar/Hemlock Old Growth” in the large Big Mouth drainage 120 kms north of Revelstoke.

This vast uninhabited unceded Interior Salish wilderness has been flooded and extensively clear cut. However the area still has many large intact old growth wilderness drainages that are extremely important for the survival and recovery of many endangered species such as Wolverine, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly and countless rare alpine flora and fauna species.

This is the story of the first peaceful act of civil disobedience to stop BC’s illegal insane old growth destruction in the Columbia/East Kootenay regions of BC.

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