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There Comes a Time

In the last 40 years Tommy Tree Hugger, Mountain Man Mick, Water Woman Eloise and a few friends have been the only people courageous enough to dare speak up about the “out of sight, out of mind” industrial timber harvesting mayhem that has taken place in the Duncan Lake reservoir. This is a vast uninhabited wilderness valley from the north end of Flatbow or Kootenay Lake 200kms plus northeast to the Alberta border.

Last spring the BCFD team was told by a local environmental organisation about an abandoned logging feller buncher that was leaking oil and grease near Bear Trap Creek.

The leaking feller buncher had been reported 3 time over a 2 or 3 year period to the BC NDP’ s Ministry of Forestry and the RAPP program.

These reports were totally ignored by the BC Ministry of Environment.

After we successfully had the leaking feller buncher machine removed from Bear Trap Creek, our attention was drawn to recent clear cuts up on the new Bear Trap industrial logging road.

It was not long before we found a RedCedar/Hemlock old growth riparian zone that had been violated . The timber baron’s crew had clear cut right into the wet zone and tried to harvest a huge 800/1200 year old Red Cedar.

The tree was too big or perhaps they were just falling ancient trees for sport. The tree fell and knocked down another ancient Red Cedar. Both are still rotting in the exposed clear cut.

The riparian area is now exposed on its northeast flank to direct sun and is drying up. This unregulated illegal style of logging is causing major areas of old growth forest that would not otherwise be adversely affected by a wildfire, to burn real HOT.

It seems apparent that the BC/ Canadian governments and their timber baron overlords want to burn as much natural forest as possible to create a mono-cultured landscape with massive tree plantations stretching into the horizon.

There will be NO fines from M.o.F or any of BC’s fake governmental toothless forestry bureaucracies.

They are also frightened of BC Interior Logging Association members.

Tommy Tree Hugger sings a verse of Neil Young’s song “ There Comes a Time…. this whole is spinning round and tall trees are lying down.”

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