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Interview with a young Tree Hugger

Enterprise Creek just south of Silverton BC is a large, very steep heavily logged drainage that suffered a major fire a couple years ago. There is little of the original old growth forest left in the drainage. The current NDP government and BC Forest Service have been ignoring recommendations from their own old growth government studies for more than 20 years.

Thankfully when local folks living near this large drainage saw local contractors working for Interfor moving in large equipment to clear cut a patch of remaining 300 year plus old growth Engelmann Spruce, they decided enough was enough and one courageous Woman spontaneously decided to park her truck across the entrance to of the 60 or 70 kms of logging road.

She knew that Eloise Water Woman lived in New Denver and had lots of experience with “peaceful civil disobedience” to protect BC interior old growth and domestic watershed. Before long despite the freezing weather there was a small group of Sane Human Beings standing up to protect Sanity in unceded Sinixt territory. Within a week of the “Peaceful Action” and several intense community meetings Interfor decided it was better to move their equipment out of the Enterprise drainage for now and clear cut old growth in another drainage.

There were a half dozen children helping their parents protect their future from the mayhem of the continued irresponsible resource extraction that threatens everyone on the planet.

The “little protestor” is a fearless warrior of Sanity. Please take the time to listen to him and consider supporting real activists.

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