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Cell Block HBlog

Cell Block H

"Where to Start?" The story “Cell Block H” is part of a comic more or less memoir/film script regarding the tragic destruction of BC’s southern interior Ancient RainForest ecosystem and a small loose neat group of West Kootenay Metis (3) and dozens of other great Folks that actually…

Grizzly Magic Incomappleax or Fish River

"We had bought time...." In 1998 I was told about huge cedar trees in the Fish or Incomappleax River by a Kaslo logger. The following summer (1999) I was thrilled to be asked by Colleen McCory a director of Valhalla Wilderness Society to be part of a Kootenay…
Howser Spire - From WikipediaBlog

BC Water Wars

Victory For BC Southern Interior People VICTORY FOR BC SOUTHERN INTERIOR PEOPLE POWER (Civil Disobedience) STOPS BC LIBERAL Gordy Scrambles and BC Hydro from stealing/privatising HUNDREDS of BC rivers and large creeks for “Independent Power Projects” IPPs. In 2005 or so my Metis hunting/fishing partner Mountain Man Mick…
1990’s BC Interior “War in the Woods”Blog

1990’s BC Interior “War in the Woods”

“War in the Woods” Tommy Tree Hugger and Dustin shackled and were escorted from the back of Nelson court house to a 14 day sentence handed down by Justice McEwan in the fall of 1998. A year early they had defied a court order issued by McEwan to…
BCFD CollectiveBlog

Big Mouth Creek

Concerned Folks Last summer 3 Metis activist elders from the West Kootenay were asked by concerned folks from Revelstoke/East Kootenay to come help protect very important rare “Inland Temperate Rainforest Red Cedar/Hemlock Old Growth” in the large Big Mouth drainage 120 kms north of Revelstoke. This vast uninhabited…

Littlest Protestor

Interview with a young Tree Hugger Enterprise Creek just south of Silverton BC is a large, very steep heavily logged drainage that suffered a major fire a couple years ago. There is little of the original old growth forest left in the drainage. The current NDP government and…
Tommy Tree Hugger SingsBlog

Tommy Tree Hugger Sings

There Comes a Time In the last 40 years Tommy Tree Hugger, Mountain Man Mick, Water Woman Eloise and a few friends have been the only people courageous enough to dare speak up about the “out of sight, out of mind” industrial timber harvesting mayhem that has taken…

Bear Trap Creek

Out of site out of mind Water Woman Eloise, Tommy Tree Hugger and Mountain Man Mick have for 30 years plus worked successfully together on a number of occasions to stop gross violations of BC Forestry laws and Sanity in the massive remote wilderness Duncan Lake drainage north…